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IFLA-UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 2022

Public Library Manifesto 2022 by IFLA-UNESCO

IFLA-UNESCO Public Libraries Manifesto 2022 for promoting information-literate societies. UNESCO views public libraries as important for education, culture, inclusion, and information, and as an essential agent for peace and well-being.

The IFLA-UNESCO Public Library Manifesto is a significant document that outlines the principles and values that guide the role and purpose of public libraries around the world. It was initially adopted in 1994 and has since been a cornerstone of international library policy. The manifesto highlights the essential roles that public libraries play in promoting access to information, supporting literacy, fostering lifelong learning, and contributing to social and cultural development.

Here are the key points typically covered in the manifesto:

Access to Information and Knowledge: Public libraries ensure free and equitable access to information and knowledge for all members of society, regardless of their backgrounds, ages, or economic status.

Information Literacy: Public libraries contribute to the development of information literacy skills, helping individuals to navigate the vast sea of information in a critical and effective manner.

Lifelong Learning: Public libraries are spaces of lifelong learning, offering resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Community Engagement: Public libraries serve as community centers, facilitating social interaction, cultural engagement, and civic participation.

Cultural Diversity: Public libraries celebrate and promote cultural diversity by offering a range of materials, programs, and services that cater to various interests and perspectives.

Digital Inclusion: Public libraries play a role in bridging the digital divide by providing access to digital technologies and resources, especially for those who might not have such access at home.

Public Domain: Public libraries advocate for open access to information and the importance of maintaining a robust public domain.

Social Inclusion and Cohesion: Public libraries promote social inclusion and cohesion by offering a safe and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds.

Access for All: Public libraries strive to provide services that are accessible and adaptable to the needs of all individuals, including those with disabilities.

Sustainability: Public libraries are committed to sustainability by making efficient use of resources and advocating for environmental awareness.

Download Original Copy of IFLA-UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 2022: Click Here

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